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Art is the driving force at the R&L design studio

An artist is trained to express an idea or concept by examining multiple perspectives.


The practice of art teaches us to observe, innovate, adapt, and embrace inspiration and change – especially to take risks and to learn from any mistakes.

We apply these principles to offer our clients the best in our products, concepts, and design solutions

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Canvas rugs and mats

Whether to bring a touch of traditional elegance or a whimsical effect to your interior spaces, these durable pieces are perfect for our tropical climate in Costa Rica. Surfaces finished with marine grade varnish resist moisture, making cleaning quick and easy. The soft texture of the canvas helps to absorb sound and mitigate noise to contribute to improved acoustics for a more comfortable environment.

We take raw canvas and prepare it, draw the design on the surface, paint, varnish, and cure the product to bring you a unique work of functional art for your home or business.

Kitchen surfaces and placemats
Living room
Dining room
Covered terraces

Lighting and glass

We offer elegant and artistic designs for lighting fixtures and decorative effects. Each piece is crafted and painted by hand using a variety of materials from reused organic elements collected from the forest floor to stained glass to create original and unique pieces.


Glass is an excellent material for use in tropical climates due to its resistance to moisture and its ability to interact with sunlight to create beautiful effects in your space. Each piece is hand-cut and assembled to your specifications to create spectacular original designs. Illuminated and painted stained glass is charming as well as useful for adding an artistic touch to your home and business.

Table and pendant lamps
Decorative inlays
Room dividers

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Decorative art

Rojas & Langendorfer produce a series of high-quality artwork at affordable prices to decorate your space. We also offer a number of guest artist pieces produced in our private studio at Monte Azul.


From decorative florals to abstracts, animal portraits, figurative, and more, select original works from the collection or commission a piece to your specifications.

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